Thoughts of the Founder

In this way, on December 5th 2005, the founder of the Yokohama University of Pharmacy, Yasuhisa Tsuzuki, expressed his thoughts and aims. The aspirations of the Yokohama University of Pharmacy, is the deepening of arts and sciences in the unique domain of pharmacy and thereby educating pharmacists with “a compassionate heart”. These aims include respect for the universality of education and the fostering of a rich and well-balanced personality. This College strives to produce talented people who combine ethics with an international perspective and a rich worldly human nature as well as competent technical knowledge.


Greetings from the President, Leona Ezaki
学長 江崎玲於奈

横浜薬科大学学長 ノーベル物理学賞受賞 日本国際賞受賞 勲一等旭日大綬章受賞 江崎玲於奈

What should I do with my life? This is the all-important question you must ask yourself when choosing a scenario for the kind of role in life you want to play. Hard work should go into writing this role for yourself. By creating an ambitious setting you will have the opportunity of maximizing your abilities and thereby enjoying your life to its fullest. Originality is also called for here. The role of the College is to find the most suitable route in the scenario and guide you in your success.


It is said that ability in life is decided by two factors. The first is something you are naturally born with, namely genetic information and the second is “upbringing” or the environment which ‘educates’ you, that is, the acquisition of information unrelated to your genetic makeup.


Your natural physical makeup is totally individual to you. However, now you stand at the start of adulthood allowing you to examine your good and bad points in detail once more. In assessing yourself, if you can recognize the difference between yourself and that of your colleagues and know what subject has affected you most in the competitive surroundings of this College, you will have the possibility of understanding yourself more clearly than before. This will lead you on a path of rediscovering your own individual “nature”. The faculty of staff at this College works hard to maximise this potential of each student’s own “nature”.


Here, there are two styles of education. The first being that of the teaching method itself and the second, independence of learning whilst being tutored by your teacher.
In bringing out your full potential I would have you know that this independence of learning plays a major role in drawing out to the fullest extent the possibilities of your own natural ability.


It could be said that throughout the history of human civilization people have been challenging the limit of human ability, as illustrated by the following:


  1. The development of mechanical engineering since the 19th century challenged the possibilities of manual labour. People devised various machines which enlarged the scope of human physical activity, dramatically increasing the speed and power of human capability.
  2. It could be said that the development of mechanical engineering since the 20th century challenged the upper limits of brain power. People developed high-performance computers thus enabling a more efficient processing of information and raised intellectual capability to remarkable levels.
  3. Biomedical technology has been developed and, in the 21st century, challenges the limits for currently supporting life, that is to say, the limits for a natural span.


The Yokohama University of Pharmacy does of course the take up the above-mentioned third challenge. Do you also participate in this challenge with us?